Aubrey Howard ︎

Aubrey Howard works with Spirit Medicine to hold space for profound inner healing and transformation. In her workshops she combines aspects from her training in Transformational Breath, Yoga & Shamanism in order to permanently clear past memories and traumas in the energetic field. In her work she hopes to inspire a return to our true essence and connection with Mother Earth through the magic of the breath and the power collective healing.

︎ Dahi

Divine, whose rap handle is Sleepy Dah, makes music that combines elements of jazz with the hip hop, trap, funk and R&B genres embraced by his generation of music listeners. Known as a dynamic tenor saxophonist, prolific composer and jazz bandleader that paid his dues in the New York jazz scene. His performances include the horn line of the Dave Matthews Band during the Grammys, with Rihanna at the MTV Video Music Awards, with Solange Knowles at the Guggenheim and many others notable headliners.

Kayin ︎

Kayin makes music to combat his insanity. It’s simply a response to an emotional stimulus, channeled from the divine in the midst of chaos and uncertainty. His music is soul music, not because of how it sounds, but because of where it comes from.

︎ Rego

Regothereshego is a new age, Philadelphia based, independent artist, that converges so

ul, pop, punk, and trap in immaculate songwriting and hypnotizing melodies. Through her irresistible hooks and captivating stage energy, Regothereshego connects with her audiences on an interpersonal level. Keep your eyes gazed on this half Guatemalan, half Vietnamese rising star.

Iamz0mbie ︎

Ziggy Zombie, a Jersey raised artist specializes in what he likes to call conscious trapsoul. With his music, he plans to carry listeners along with him on his journey to becoming a righteous man. With a perfect blend of gritty beat selections, soothing melodies and undeniably real lyricism, Ziggy is determined to give his fans all of him in hope to inspire them to find and be like themselves.
Whis ︎

Whis Grant is a songwriter/Rapper and emerging artist coming out of the Greater Philadelphia Area. Whis's music is a representation that through adversity and hardships  we can find the strength within ourselves that can propel us towards greatness. This viewpoint is what manifested Within Him Is Strength.
︎ Alexia

Alexia Oliveira is a Brazilian guitarist and songwriter who pays homage to her culture by blending together elements of Brazilian music such as bossa nova and MPB,  with indie-folk. The atmospheric depth of her poetic and introspective lyrics take you on a journey inwards.