a Philadelphia networking platform that curates events for local & urban artists. Patchwork acts as advocates for the arts and have united in passion to carry out the mission to promote artists of all genres and disciplines - from musicians & graphic artists to fashion designers & sculptors.

Since October 2018, PATCHWORK has hosted events monthly which has featured everything from live band performances, networking events, live paintings and art shows. Patchwork has created a community of diverse artists and patrons in the Philadelphia area and intend to carry out the vision of establishing an inclusive culture that celebrates every form of art and interprets the work of artists as a significant contribution to our society and the world over.

︎ derek chapman
︎ dennis milburn jr.

D E R E K   &   D E N N I S

Derek Chapman (left) was born and raised in Philadelphia until relocating to Plymouth Meeting as a teenager. Derek found himself intrigued by all things belonging to the art world from visual art to music. While exploring the Philadelphia art realm in the recent years, Derek decided he wanted to help establish platforms for artists while  creating an environment that allows for people to network and  connect with one another. Ultimately these environments would help bring more exposure to artists. Derek and his friend Dennis, then partner up to form Patchwork in order to  help set these platforms for artists.

Dennis Milburn (right), a Philadelphia native, was born and raised in the city of brotherly love. After graduating college,  Dennis moved backed to Philadelphia. Seeing the underground art ecosystem of Philadelphia, Dennis partnered with Derek with the mission of creating an atmosphere for artist to thrive in. Dennis's focus is for the artist as well as enjoyment. He feels that enjoying life is key and experiencing art is an important factor in the enjoyment of life. He aims to "set a platform for all artists, regardless of what realm or area any artist is in."